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Update on Mobility Scooters in Tenerife

You may have been reading in the press several stories about the use of mobility scooters here in Tenerife and we would like to give you the facts rather than the many silly and scary stories going around. Mobility scooters have NOT been banned in Tenerife. 2 seater doubles have.

Orange Badge has been providing mobility scooters to their clients in need for 20 years. In all that time we have never caused a problem to the councils or the police and we have operated at all times responsibly, renting out correct legal equipment solely to those people that need it. Indeed we have been at the forefront of helping them to sort out the mess that has occurred. We are recognised as a trustworthy company who looks after their clients.

Around 2 years ago several 2 seater “scooters” were imported and around a dozen companies were given licences by Adeje council for them to be rented out. They proved very popular with able bodied and drunk youngsters alike being able to go at up to 35kph on the pavements. They proved so popular that around 300 or so had been imported over the last couple of years with subsequent mayhem and accidents being caused on the pavements of Tenerife.

Unfortunately ALL double “Scooters” have been imported as something other than a “mobility scooter”, as they are simply not able to be imported as such into the EU. The double scooters have actually been imported normally with their description as “Golf Carts” or “Mopeds”. Clearly this has massive insurance implications for those who have rented these double “Mobility Scooters”.

One person has had an accident and suffered head injuries after falling off one of these at speed and is facing a hospital bill of over 30,000 euros. Neither his holiday insurance nor the insurance of the “company” who rented him the product covered the use of driving a golf cart on the pavement! He will unfortunately have to pay himself. Orange Badge would not put their clients in such a situation.

This has resulted in all these companies having their licences withdrawn and double scooters being banned. Even now there are some jack the lad “Mobility Rental” companies suggesting theirs are legal. They are not. Their insurance does not cover them. If you have an accident you will not be covered. You are perfectly safe using our scooters provided you follow the instructions we give you. If you have a Blue Badge or a doctors´ note then it would be wise to bring a copy with you. Don’t worry if you do not have one. If you have difficulty in walking then you can rent from us with confidence.

Please remember Orange Badge is experiencing strong demand for many of its products and if you are considering coming to Tenerife this year we would strongly recommend you book your scooter or mobility product as soon as you can to help us help you. Don’t forget there are several benefits if you book early:-

  1. It costs you nothing to reserve what you need to make your holiday here on Tenerife more enjoyable.
  2. You get first pick of delivery and collection times to suit you.
  3. You can get exactly the same product you had last year if that’s what you want.
  4. You can cancel or change your booking at any time without penalty.
  5. The earlier you book the better your price, like with the airlines.

If we can help in any way at all to ensure you have a great holiday here in Tenerife, all you have to do is ask.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards

The Orange Badge Team.

If you have any doubts or questions we are here to help and advise you so please call us on 0034 922 797355 or write to us at